1. 01012 Roller Tray & Paint Stretcher Spout
  2. Floor Protector
  3. 2.5 Quart & 5 Quart Metal Container
  4. 5 Gallon White Bucket
  5. Metal bucket w/ Paper Liner & Stack n Pour
  6. Paint Tray
  7. Industrial Buckets
Welcome to Encore Plastics
Encore Plastics Corporation offers a wide range of uniquely designed and technically advanced quality products servicing the distribution channels in the paint, hardware and industrial markets covering the entire United States and Canadian territories. Encore products are sold through two-step distribution, automotive, paint, hardware and mass retailers throughout North America.
   Our continued pride in our quality, combined with our strong commitment to Customer Service has helped Encore grow into one of the largest manufacturers of custom products, paint accessories and industrial containers in the world today.

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Our Products

  1. Paint Sundries
    Paint Sundries
  2. EcoSmart
  3. Packaging Containers
    Packaging Containers
  4. Durango Caulking Guns
    Durango Caulking Guns
  5. Extrusion
  6. Custom Molding
    Custom Molding
  7. Air Conditioner Cover
    Air Conditioner Cover
New Items
NEW Pixel Camo Space Efficient Pail
4" EcoSmart Mini Roller
Tray with Grid

• Excellent for camping,
  fishing, hunting or any
  outdoor activity.
• 70mil Camo bucket.

• For 3" or 4" paint rollers.
• EZ grip bottom.
• Multi-purpsoe.
• Solvent-resistant.
• Reusable.

7" Black Mini
Roller Tray
14" Deepwell Paint & Sealer Tray

• For 7" wide paint rollers.
• DIY and small rolling 
• Solvent-resistant
• Reusable.

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