Chill Stop'R® Air Conditioner Cover

The beautiful way to stop cold winter drafts!
The original indoor insulating and decorative room air conditioner cover is an attractively designed
product that compliments both home and workplace decor. It is manufactured to fit any
standard window and through-the-wall unit.
Made of a durable polystyrene material and available in antique white and brown designs,
it possesses high energy efficient insulating qualities with its 100% windblocking seal.

Calculated cost saving per season

Per season cost savings:
1. Electric: $122.38
2. Gas water; $22.70
3. Fuel Oil: $75.04
(Based on Minneapolis, Mn & area rates)

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Installation Instructions

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1. Center air conditioning cover over air
2. Mark 1/4" out from edge of cover lip 3" from
    each end of cover both top and bottom. 
    See illustration on right.
 3. Drill slightly smaller hole than screw when
    on wood frame, or slightly smaller than the
    plastic anchor when attaching directly to
    sheetrock walls.
4. Screw in the 4 turn clips provided. Do not
     over tighten.
5. Put cover on and turn each clip to hold
    cover snug to wall or frame.

CHILL STOP’R® is unconditionally guaranteed to stop all cold drafts, dirt and allergens that blow through idle room air conditioners. The CHILL STOP’R® is a durable cover that provides economical protection for your home or office. Each cover incorporates the advantages of being lightweight, mildew resistant and totally weatherproof, in a package that is easy to install, easy to clean and maintain, and easy to remove and store.

Installation Instructions:


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Chill Stop'R Air Conditioner Cover

  • Protect A/C units from insects, dirt and dust. 
  • Prevents entry of cold winter drafts. 100% windblocking seal. 
  • Easy Installed using 4 Turn Clips (included) and easily removed.
  • Reduces energy costs.
  • Available in two colors antique white and brown. 
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