Custom Extrusion Roll Stock

If custom roll stock are what you're looking for, your search has ended.
Encore’s Extrusion Specialties division allows you to expect more from your supplier. We are a leading custom extruder of sheet plastic and roll-stock. In partnership with our quality material suppliers, our highly experienced team brings our customers the most up-to-date, cost-effective technologies and materials available. We have in-house engineering expertise and around-the-clock production capabilities to quickly move your project from concept to delivery. And since we extrude our own sheet, we have total control and 100 percent traceability of our material from pellet to finished product. With an efficient material flow throughout our production process, we are able to maximize our production capacity. Our facifities are equipped with highly modern and automated machinery, allows us to offer flexibility throughout the production cycle. A well-staffed maintenance service allowing us to maintain a high degree of consistency throughout the production process. This gives us the flexibility to control our scheduling for quick turn-arounds to meet your stringent deadlines. Additionally,
our co-extrusion capabilities offer different properties, reduced cost, improved aesthetics and consistent gauge.
Our extrusion lines can manufacture sheets and films in thicknesses of 0.25 to 1.40 mm, up to a maximum width of 1140 mm. In our production facility, the roll-stock is produced by forcing melted plastic through a wide, flat die between polished or textured metal rollers and is wound onto rolls ready to serve the needs of our customers. In our in-house research facility, ongoing research and development allows us to be at the leading edge of the plastic sheet market, resulting in highly competitive product for our customers. Extrusion Specialties sheet serves an impressive mix of market sectors throughout the United States and Canada. Our products can be found in packaging and wide varieties of trays and liners within industries as diverse as paint and hardware, marine, construction and retail shelving. Isn’t it time they serve your needs?


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  • Thichnesses of 0.012 to 1.40mm
  • Maximum width of 1140mm
  • In-house research facility
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